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Dear First Grace membership,

Bishop Cynthia Harvey of the United Methodist Conference of Louisiana will meet with United Methodist from the New Orleans District on:
Saturday, December 1st,
from 10 am to noon
at Gretna United Methodist Church,
1309 Whitney Avenue, Gretna, LA.
The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of the report by the Commission on a Way Forward. In essence, the Commission was tasked with offering a plan(s) for the United Methodist Church to faithfully address the inclusion/exclusion of homosexuals in the United Methodist Church especially inregard to marriage and ordination.
February 23-26, a special conference of representatives of the worldwide body of United Methodist will meet with the purpose of faithfully resolving the matter. At this conference, it is possible that the UMC will 1) split, 2) change the language of the Book of Discipline for full-inclusion, or 3) Remain at status quo. I do not have an answer for you regarding what will most likely happen. I can say, that there is a large, wealthy well organized contingency of predominantly white, conservative churches that want to splinter off and create their own denomination they are calling The Wesley Covenant.
Additional information can be found at: Mission, Vision and Scope of the Commission on a Way Forward. Additionally, you can order a copy of the book, Anatomy of Peace, used by the Commission for much of its work. Also, please go to: https://www.la-umc.org/listeningsessions .
On Saturday, Bishop Harvey will:
  • Provide a general overview of the plans that will be considered by delegates with a specific focus on the Council of Bishops recommended plan.
  • Provide clarity on the process of what is happening now as well as what processes will take place before and during the Called Session of General Conference 2019.
  • Offer ideas how individuals and churches can discuss the issues facing the church.
You have an opportunity to submit a question for consideration, which will help shape the presentation itself. Click here to submit a question  . Given the purpose of the Listening Session, the primary focus will be centered on information and clarification of the process rather than discussions of biblical interpretations or theological debates on homosexuality.
Please keep this matter in prayer,
Pastor shawn

First Grace Statement of Affirmation

First Grace is an urban community of faith embracing all of God’s children as persons of sacred worth, regardless of station in life, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We invite and welcome all persons to join us as disciples who believe in the transforming love of God revealed in Jesus Christ from which nothing can separate us.

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