CSN– a message from Sondra Brown

First Grace – where the city worships
Dear Members and Friends of First Grace,
We, at First Grace, are a peculiar people.
I must admit that when I first heard the theme of the 2019 Stewardship Campaign, it seemed like a strange way to describe the beauty of First Grace. However, as I’ve thought about what I love about First Grace and this community, it is precisely that-we are different!
For me, that looks like a fiancé, Kevin, who is tattooed up and down his arms and a daughter that doesn’t’ exactly look like me because she is from Guatemala; however, we don’t stand out. More importantly, each one of us is celebrated, just as we are. Just as everyone at First Grace is celebrated.
We are a community that is beautiful, complex, and diverse–accepted and loved as part of the imprint of God on our world. And, that is why this community is important to me and why I choose to financially support First Grace. It matters to me and it matters to my family that First Grace continues–it’s a part of who we are. And, in order to ensure that First Grace continues, our financially support is important.
It’s interesting that as Kevin and I are thinking about how we build our life together, we are talking about these same things-acknowledging and individually committing to the day to day costs of our life together and to the costs related to the physical home that we live in-like what happens when the AC goes out or the carpet needs to be replaced.
As part of the First Grace family, the Stewardship Campaign and Capital Campaign are what First Grace relies on to make sure that we continue Sunday worship, Tuesday meals, children’s ministries and keep up the building that we use for all of those and more. Our church home is in need of repair, just as our own homes need maintenance and repair. The specific improvements that you will see are new carpet in the Sanctuary, new furniture for Sunday School Classrooms, and an enhanced Audio System in sanctuary and fellowship hall, as well as paying down our debt from the AC repairs and new piano for Minister Jackson.
On Commitment Sunday, November 18, you will be asked to consider your tithe to the church and a capital campaign contribution. Your commitment card will include a request for both. I would ask that you think about what you can do to keep our church home running and well maintained.
To steal from Dr. Butler-McIntyre’s sermon “We know we are a peculiar people by how well we love.” This church shows its love by accepting me and family and celebrating our peculiarity. And by accepting you and your families, with their unique qualities AND by financially giving to care for this place and its ministries.
With love to you all,
Sondra Brown

First Grace Statement of Affirmation

First Grace is an urban community of faith embracing all of God’s children as persons of sacred worth, regardless of station in life, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We invite and welcome all persons to join us as disciples who believe in the transforming love of God revealed in Jesus Christ from which nothing can separate us.


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