CSN– A message from Janet Roberts


First Grace – where the city worships
Dear Members and Friends of First Grace,
When Fred and I were looking for a church home, we wanted a congregation that was diverse, an opportunity for us to learn more about God’s love, and enable us to reach out to those in need in the community.
First Grace is an extension of our home. My spirit is lifted, my heart is light. I know it has to do with the love of my church family. That love is extended to my family and friends who visit us.
My daughter, Felicia, said it best in a poem she shared at our last First Grace Talent Show:


I AM FIRST GRACE – Felicia Roberts
When you cannot find the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark. When the weight of your fears, worries, and anxieties pull you apart, I will put you together again and restore your heart, your mind, your body and soul, through everlasting love. I will make you whole again and again, no matter how many times you doubt and despair…

When your wants differ from His plan, when the voices you hear lead you astray, and weariness and longing replace your will to pray, He knows your truth and the words you do not say.

This place, these walls, these faithful souls to our right and left, and all around are a sacred space we have all been blessed and found – not a building not a congregation, but a calm in a storm, our precious salvation. Where you are not your fears, your sins, differences, and feet no longer roam. We are First Grace and He has blessed us all and given us this house to call our home.


I am committed to our First Grace family because it gives me hope for the future. I know that God has blessed Fred and me, and that we have experienced the beautiful quilt that makes up First Grace.
Through our Stewardship and Capital Campaign, it will be the church for others looking for their home away from home one hundred years from now.

First Grace Statement of Affirmation

First Grace is an urban community of faith embracing all of God’s children as persons of sacred worth, regardless of station in life, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We invite and welcome all persons to join us as disciples who believe in the transforming love of God revealed in Jesus Christ from which nothing can separate us.


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